Monday, October 28, 2013

Speed up WordPress using W3 Total Cache Plugin

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To speed up the  response time of the WordPress site hosted on GoDaddy, it is recommended to use the W3 Total Cache Plugin.


I’m testing the web performance using the GTmetrix. It uses Google Page Speed and Yahoo! YSlow to grade the website’s performance and provides recommendations to increase the website’s performance.


Before the plugin is installed and configured, the Yahoo! YSlow grade was C with the following:

Page load time: 3.47s
Total number of request: 47 


After the configuration, the website performance achieved grade A in Yahoo! YSlow with the following improvement:

Page load time: 1.99s

Total number of request: 16 


The configuration was pretty simple:

  1. From the Performance menu, click General Settings.
  2. In the Page Cache area, click Enable
    (Before this is enabled, make sure that you have enabled Fancy permalinks in your WordPress. What are “Fancy Permalinks”? )
  3. From the Page Cache Method list, select Disk: Enhanced.
  4. In the Minify area, click Enable.
  5. For the Minify mode select Auto.
  6. From the HTML minified list, select Default.
  7. From the JS minified list, select JSMin (default).
  8. From the CSS minifier list, select Default.
  9. In the Database Cache area, click Enable.
  10. From the Database Cache Method list, select Disk.
  11. In the Object Cache area, click Enable.
  12. From the Object Cache Method list, select Disk.
  13. In the Browser Cache area, click Enable.
  14. In the Miscellaneous area, click Optimize disk enhanced page and minify caching for NFS.
  15. Click Save all settings.



So now my clients and their users are happy than ever.


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