Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Google Market becomes Google Play! Have you start playing?

最近發現 Google Market 已經變成 Google Play 了! 
Google Play Might Mean Google to Get Serious about the Mobile Enterprise 

最重要的是有很多APPS都有50%折扣! 有興趣的就快衝吧! 

World Of Goo

Shadow Gun

TuneIn Radio

Business Calendar
Zoo Keeper

老實說, 一個app 才 USD 0.50 真的很超值! I've start playing, have you? :)

Visual C# 2010 程式學習

最近在幫家人寫一個程式, 順便也學學 Dot Net C#, 看看Visual Studio方便到甚麼程度.
不用還好, 一用就上癮了... 因為真的是太方便了!

內建資料庫(不需要安裝任何資料庫!! ), 拖拉 Drag and drop components, 老實說, 我沒有寫到幾行程式碼就把東西生出來了. 當然生出來的程式只是"堪用", 還不到好用的程度, 要做到 好用, 當然是乖乖的寫幾行程式, polish一下, 才publish給他們用. 不過我想, 用 Visual Studio來開發程式, 真的是又快又方便...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Infor Syteline 8.03 Training

Been learned a lot from the consultant from Infor Syteline 8.03 ERP System.

I will be responsible for the Forms Personalization and future Customization, the system is surprisingly flexible and easy to migrate from our old system :D

I think the pain will come from the transformation of current OLD system to adapt the new system.... But CHANGE is good, right? There is no point we still hold the old system where support is hard to find and difficult to maintain. When people get used to their old habit, they will always like to stick to what they have, instead of seeking way to improve it...either the workflow or the process.

I will do whatever I can to make them change.