Monday, October 8, 2012

How to become a Billionaire in Diablo 3

(All the rights of the diagrams / pictures in this article are the property of Blizzard Entertainment )

I'm a huge fan of Diablo since I was a kid.
Been playing with Diablo 1, Diablo 2 and after 10 years of waiting, Diablo 3 finally released!

The coolest( or the dumbest ) feature in Diablo 3 is definitely the Real Money Auction House (RMAH) where I've been struggling on how to earn cash in RMAH until I came across this ultimate gold guide: Diablo 3 Billionaire. 

This guide had proven that it's strategy is able to Duplicate and I've earn over USD 500 by using the strategy in the book. I never imagine that I'm able to earn real money just by playing games... hahaha. Not a single piece of codes need to be written(tired of all the bugs..... ), just sit back and relax, drinking coffee, play games, farm the AH and the money just come in like that. 

Good life, huh?  :D

World Of Warcraft Online- Mists of Pandaria

(All the rights of the diagrams / pictures in this article are the property of Blizzard Entertainment )

I'm a World Of Warcraft Online player for years... and stop playing since last year.

But as soon as the expansion - Mists of Pandaria came out, I decided to come back for the cute pandas !

But then I realized that I've been outdated and my friends no longer playing. I'm having hard time searching information here and there until I met this ultimate guide: <<Zygor's Guide - Mists Of Pandaria>> 

It is very very resourceful and the updates are frequent!
The most interesting parts are
  1. Leveling and
  2. Pet Guides

As for the gold farming, I refer to this guides: Mists Of Pandaria Secrets where I earned tons of gold after doing exactly the book written.

It's fun and worth to have both this book. With only one-time charge, and I can enjoy the future updates.

What are you waiting for? Grab those books and join World Of Warcraft Online and kick some Pandas!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

How To Select ERP System


After the comparison of Infor10 SyteLine with QAD, I'm surprised that SyteLine has so many limitations! I've compiled the differences between SyteLine and QAD system towards our company requirements in the table below:

Customization Required by SyteLine & QAD

109 Customization required by SyteLine.
34 Customization required by QAD.

Critical Customization required:
SyteLine - 19
QAD - 8

Man-day require by SyteLine for customization is 99.5 days but QAD only requires 45 days.

Based on the table above, I would conclude that QAD is a better fit to our company compared to Infor10 SyteLine.

Based on my experience, I've come out a guideline for ERP vendor selection below. ;)

How To Select an ERP System

  1. Prepare your company business process flow before asking any vendor to come in. The list should at least consists of: 
    • Overall Process Flow
    • Individual Department Process Flow 
    • Standard Case Process Flow and  
    • Exception Case Process Flow
    • You could include Additional Requirements to the list if there is any for your company.
  2. Compare as many systems as possible.
    Pull in as much vendors as possible, ask the sales representative to demonstrate their system based on your business process.
  3. Always remember NOT TO BELIEVE in all the words of a sales representative.
    They will certainly tell you: "Yes, we can do this with no problem." This is one of their tactics in gaining your trust and confident for their system. You will only know if the system is workable for your company until the Business Requirement Study (BRS) phase.
  4. Select the vendors after the demo session which you felt confidence and ask them to do a BRS with your company.
    The BRS session is usually 1~2 weeks and you will need to pay for the consultants visit. But it's definitely worth it. During the BRS session, you will learn more about the gaps between the system and your company process. You should request the consultants to show HOW their system handle your company requirement.
    The consultants should also prepare the Gap List which states 
    • Your company requirements, classified in High Importance, Medium Importance and Low Importance.
      • High means the requirement is ESSENTIAL for your company and your company cannot use the system to work without it;
      • Medium means the requirement is important but not essential, your company will still be able to use the system without it;
      • Low means the requirement is insignificant, your company can work with the system without it but having it will be a plus.
    • Is standard system able to handle the requirement?
    • If not, what is the work around solutions?
    • If there is not work around, can we do customization?
    • How many man-day is required for that particular customization?
     5.  Compare the gap lists to get Pros / Cons for the systems. Make your choice and proceed!

Hope it helps!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

確任了! Confirmed!

還差一天就做滿 3 個月, 老闆還是提前給我確任了 :D

目前在公司負責 ERP , 不過還沒確定選哪一家. 現在搞懂了公司各個部門的作業流程, 畫出 Flow Chart , 再來就是要看 ERP Vendor 的功力了!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Google Market becomes Google Play! Have you start playing?

最近發現 Google Market 已經變成 Google Play 了! 
Google Play Might Mean Google to Get Serious about the Mobile Enterprise 

最重要的是有很多APPS都有50%折扣! 有興趣的就快衝吧! 

World Of Goo

Shadow Gun

TuneIn Radio

Business Calendar
Zoo Keeper

老實說, 一個app 才 USD 0.50 真的很超值! I've start playing, have you? :)

Visual C# 2010 程式學習

最近在幫家人寫一個程式, 順便也學學 Dot Net C#, 看看Visual Studio方便到甚麼程度.
不用還好, 一用就上癮了... 因為真的是太方便了!

內建資料庫(不需要安裝任何資料庫!! ), 拖拉 Drag and drop components, 老實說, 我沒有寫到幾行程式碼就把東西生出來了. 當然生出來的程式只是"堪用", 還不到好用的程度, 要做到 好用, 當然是乖乖的寫幾行程式, polish一下, 才publish給他們用. 不過我想, 用 Visual Studio來開發程式, 真的是又快又方便...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Infor Syteline 8.03 Training

Been learned a lot from the consultant from Infor Syteline 8.03 ERP System.

I will be responsible for the Forms Personalization and future Customization, the system is surprisingly flexible and easy to migrate from our old system :D

I think the pain will come from the transformation of current OLD system to adapt the new system.... But CHANGE is good, right? There is no point we still hold the old system where support is hard to find and difficult to maintain. When people get used to their old habit, they will always like to stick to what they have, instead of seeking way to improve it...either the workflow or the process.

I will do whatever I can to make them change.