Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dynamic IP DNS Hosting

Here are the conditions:

1. Client has his own server

2. Client had registered new domain name. (For example, register a new domain name with GoDaddy.)

3. Client server has DYNAMIC IP shared under the router.


The solution is pretty simple.

1. Find a FREE DYNAMIC DNS Hosting service.
I use FreeDNS where it provides tons of features and most importantly, it’s FREE!!


2. Register a new user with FreeDNS.
Login with username and password after the normal registration procedure.


3. Add the registered domain
Go to Domains -> Add Domain


Go to Dynamic DNS, we can see that had been added in!



4. Now we have to Register/Modify the NAME SERVER with the vendor that we registered the domain name. (GoDaddy in this case)

There are 4 Name Servers that we need to add in the NAME SERVER list for our domain name.


Kindly contact your domain vendor if you don’t know how to modify the Name Server


5. When people type in the browser address bar, the domain vendor(GoDaddy in this case) will first get the request and then go to ask the NAME SERVER(FreeDNS in this case) to get the exact IP address of the client’s server.
So now we are going to get the IP address of the client’s server!
Since the client’s server has a DYNAMIC IP address(not fixed, change frequently), we will need a dynamic ip update client here.


6. Download the DYNAMIC DNS Client from the list here. I use FreeDNS Update Client in this case.


7. The FreeDNS Update Client

Go to Setting and key in the Username / Password, then click the Get Domain List

Finally use a WhoIs service provider to check your domain name. You will get something similar like this if it is successful!

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