Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SELCARE II - Selangor Conference for Alternative & Renewal Energy

Speakers in SELCARE II
Dickson Chan, Dr.Campbell White, Martyn Levy, John Utting (Left to Right)

This conference held in Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya ( on the 3rd of October, 2011.

Selangor State Government is trying to make a difference by combining
  1. Social and market research,
  2. WIFI CCTV ( ,
  3. IPTV (
to improve Selangor, to make it a Livable State (
In short, to create a better living environment in Selangor.

Social and Market Research 
To collect the actual demand from the public, and to ensure that the government pushes the right policies to the public.

This is a very interesting project involving a lot of technologies and money which required a very good and solid network infrastructure.The WIFI CCTV is installed over the network and send surveillance signal to the control room. The person in the control room is able to monitor the CCTVs all over the city.
The monitoring software in the control room can even track a particular person from one cam to another cam similar to what we saw in the movie <> .
Heard that Penang is going to deploy this also. Maybe FREE WIFI in the future?

Using the network infrastructure from WIFI CCTV, IPTV could easily be installed for public. The government can then design some survey forms or even send out messages to the public using this IPTV to do a proper and quality survey, to collect feedback from the public.

I'm really looking forward to these technologies to come to Selangor State in the future... We know that the technologies are there, but how the government make use of the technologies is really a question mark. I believe that it's gonna be beneficial to us if they did it properly.


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